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0845 numbers | 0845 number faqs

0845 Number FAQs

What is an 0845 number?

An 0845 number belongs to a group of telephone numbers known also as non-geographic numbers or NTS numbers. Designated by Ofcom (www.ofcom.org.uk); the range includes:-

  • 0800 Freephone
  • 0845 Local rate
  • 0870 National Rate
  • 0844/0871 Special Rate
  • 090x Premium Rate

Unlike normal landline numbers, non-geographic numbers are not tied to one specific area of the UK. Calls are simply pointed to an existing landline number.


What are the benefits?

Once you have purchased your 0845 number this is then yours for life. It means you can print the number on your letterheads and business cards without having to incur extra charges having them reprinted if you move. Ideal for small businesses working from home.


Will my normal landline number(s) still work?

Yes. 0845 numbers simply point to an existing landline telephone or fax number. So whether a customer calls you on your 0845 number or your normal landline number, you still receive the call.


What is call routing?

If you have several offices across the country then you may wish your 0845 number calls to be automatically routed to the one nearest the caller. You simply tell us which numbers apply to each geographical area and we will do the rest. Calls will then be routed to the relevant office based on the caller's STD code. Calls from mobiles or numbers witheld / unavailable will be routed to your specified office.


Can I choose my 0845 telephone number?

Unfortunately no. In order to keep costs low we do not provide the ability to choose your 0845 number but we can occasionally offer you a choice.


How long does it take to set up an 0845 local rate number?

Once your payment has been received and your instructions confirmed, during the working week orders normally go through in 1-2 working hours. After 4pm, orders will be completed by noon the following day.

We will contact you when your service is live.


What are the costs involved?

For you just a £20 one off fee - nothing else to pay - ever! Callers pay their local call rate applicable at the time of day when calling you.


BT want to charge me a lot more for an 0845 number. How can you still make money?

Life is full of such mysteries! Unlike BT we do not have the massive overheads associated with running a nationwide telephone network; this combined with our buying power enables us to keep our prices permanently low.


How do I pay for my 0845 number?

We accept payment by Paypal, Cheque/Postal Order and Telephone/Internet banking. Please note that payments by cheque or internet banking will need to be cleared before we can set up your number.


Can I have more than one 0845 local rate number?

Yes. Each 0845 number can point to a different landline number or they can point to the same one. For example you and your partner may be running two different businesses from home in which case each one can have their own 0845 number.


If I used two different 0845 numbers would I have to have two different landline telephone numbers?

No. We can set up any number of 0845 numbers to point to just one telephone number. This gives you the opportunity to use different numbers for different promotions, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.


Can I point my 0845 number to my mobile?

If this is something that you are looking to do you will need to contact your landline provider e.g. BT, and arrange to have a Call Divert service added to your package.

BT Call Diversion currently costs £1.75 per month for the Value Calling feature - plus the diverted part of the call is charged to you at direct dialled rates. Calling customers pay the call charge only to the 0845 number dialled. Read more about Call Diversion.

This would give you the ability to divert calls to 'any' number you wish, and would also mean that you would have greater control over the delivery of your telephone calls.

Another option is to sign up to BT 1571 Text Alerts. it won't direct the call to your mobile but it will send you a text message if someone leaves a message on your landline number. You simply call home from your mobile to listen to the message. Text messages are charged to your landline number. People on BT Together option 2 or 3 can have these deducted from their inclusive monthly text allowance.

We can only route calls through to a normal UK landline telephone or fax number.


How can I change the number that my 0845 number points to?

It’s very simple. Telephone or email us, quoting your name, your business name, the 0845 number(s) in question and the new number that you would like the number to point to and we will do the rest. Change of destination requests are free of charge.

During the working week change of destination requests normally go through in under an hour. However during busy periods we recommend Customers allow 1-2 working hours.

If your change is particularly important or you have a large quantity of numbers to change please give us advanced notice of when you want to make a change (when possible).

If the person requesting the change is not down as your company’s main contact on our system, we may call you to confirm your instructions.


Can you supply other non-geographic numbers?

Yes we can. Please contact us for details and pricing.


Please contact us if you would like to purchase a local rate 0845 number or use the form on the left.

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