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BT Call Sign

To get the best use of your 0845 number then BT Call Sign may be for you.

How does it work?

BT will give you an additional number for your phone, which will have a different (elongated) ringing tone when it is called. Ideal for those working from home as you can use this number solely for your business. By linking your 0845 number to this additional number, you can use it to separate and therefore identify which are business and personal calls, and answer them appropriately. Perfect!

How much will it cost me?

Call Sign currently costs £1.75 (incl. VAT) per month and is also available as part of a BT Calling Features Pack.


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0845 Numbers (Local rate numbers)

0845 numbers are ideal for small businesses working mainly from home who don't want to advertise their home telephone number on their website.

Calls are charged at the UK standard local rate; there are no call charges, all you pay is a one-off fee of £20 and that’s it.

Local rate 0845 telephone Numbers are supplied for a one-off charge of just £20. There are no call charges and no monthly or yearly service charges to pay.

0845 numbers simply point to your existing landline (not mobile) telephone numbers. You won't lose your old numbers and your customers can still ring your old numbers should they wish. If you wish to connect your 0845 number to a mobile then please see the FAQs.

  • calls are charged at the UK standard local rate
  • all you pay for our standard 0845 numbers is a one-off fee of £20
  • there are no call charges and no monthly or yearly service charges
  • no minimum targets to achieve
  • FREE additional services (see below)
  • no change to your existing telephone number(s)
  • no hidden costs or additional charges
  • can normally be set up on the day your order is received

See 0845 number faqs for more information.

By combining your number with BT's Call Sign option (see left) you can link your 0845 number to a second 01 or 02 number, giving you a different ringing tone to identify which number is being called.

Additional Services

You can choose one or a combination of the following services:-

Automatic routing on unanswered or busy - if for any reason your line is either not answered (after say 5 rings), or busy (engaged), your call can be automatically re-routed to another landline number. As many as 100 alternative destination numbers can be set up.

Note: If you need to redirect to a mobile then this will depend on your landline service. See 0845 number faqs for more information.


Routing by time of day / day of week - this option allows you to control where and when you receive your calls based on the time of the day, or the day of the week. Ideal for companies that have multiple sites where staffing levels can fluctuate. A popular use of this service maybe to divert calls to one number during the week and another number (perhaps a voicemail service) out of hours.

Routing by area of call origination - we can provide you with the facility to divert your incoming calls to different sites or offices, depending on the physical location of the person calling. Routing plans can be determined by STD area codes, Counties or regions (e.g. London, South West etc.)

Automatic distribution of calls among sites - this feature allows you to deliver calls across multiple offices or locations on a percentage basis e.g. a Company could route 75% of calls to their London office and 25% of calls to their Manchester office.

These services normally take 5 working days to set up and can be added to an existing non-geographic number service at no extra cost.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase a local rate 0845 number or use the form on the top left of the screen.

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